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The Training.

Would you like to become a pilot at a Lufthansa Group airline or other European airline? Then take the first step now: choose to train at the highest level of quality with European Flight Academy – and benefit from the best career opportunities.

The training paths.

At European Flight Academy, there are two possible training paths: in the first path, we train pilot candidates for a career at a Lufthansa Group airline. In the second path, we offer training for other renowned European airlines as well. Both paths are targeted towards the requirements of globally operating, prestigious airlines and they both provide you with prospects for a successful career as a pilot. We would be happy to inform you about the specific differences in a personal discussion.

The training for Lufthansa Group airlines in Germany:
Theoretical phase 1
Flight phase 1
Phoenix, AZ
Theoretical phase 2
Flight phase 2
Multi-Crew Cooperation
The training for Lufthansa Group airlines in Switzerland:
Theoretical phase 1
Flight phase 1
Theoretical phase 2
Flight phase 2
Vero Beach (USA),
Theoretical phase 3
Multi-Crew Cooperation
The training for European airlines:
Theoretical phase 1
Flight phase 1
Vero Beach, FL
Theoretical phase 2
Flight phase 2
Multi-Crew Cooperation
More information about this training path can be found here

The training phases.

Lufthansa Group training takes up to 22 months depending on which path you decide on. Trainees typically switch between the theoretical phase and the flight phase on a regular basis over the course of the training. This way, the acquired knowledge can be optimally put into practice.

Theoretical phases:

Before getting into the cockpit of a training aircraft, you will first have to go through sound theoretical training: the first theoretical phase. Navigation, meteorology, electrical engineering, air traffic control, aerodynamics, and human performance and limitations: there are interesting and multifaceted topics awaiting you. In the second theoretical phase, you will deepen the knowledge you have gained so far – and among other things, put it into practice in so-called Flight Navigation Procedure Trainers (FNPT II simulators).

Flight phases:

You can now put into practice the knowledge that you have gained during the theoretical phase. You will fly – an amazing feeling! Initially, you will fly under the guidance of an experienced flight instructor. After some time, you will then fly solo. At our sunny locations in Florida and Arizona, you will complete visual flight training. For our instrument flight training sessions that take place at our flight bases in Grenchen and Rostock-Laage, you will need to get your bearings using displays and instruments.

Multi-Crew Cooperation:

At the end of your training to become an airline pilot, you will go through MCC training. MCC stands for Multi-Crew Cooperation and the name indicates what it’s all about: the goal of this training session is to optimize the collaboration and cooperation of a cockpit crew. The focus is on interpersonal skills such as communication, leadership, decision-making, and teamwork. The sessions take place in one of our full flight simulators.

Career prospects.

After concluding the training at European Flight Academy and obtaining your commercial aviation pilot license (ATPL frozen*), you are almost there. Your career as a commercial airline pilot is about to begin. Thanks to the high quality of your training, you will have very good prospects for a career at a Lufthansa Group airline or another renowned European airline. To start your career off smoothly, we offer an intensive, targeted job placement support during the training.

Career support:
  • Regular exchange with representatives of the airlines
  • Continuous information about current airline needs via an online platform
  • Additional training offerings for starting your career
  • Personal consulting
  • Support in applying for positions
* “ATPL frozen” means: You initially have the status of a copilot. After a certain number of flight hours, you can then fly as a responsible captain.

Our World Is in Motion.

European Flight Academy.

An incredible number of things are happening in the world, almost everything is in motion, and new technologies are becoming a natural part of our lives. The profession of pilot is also constantly changing and with it, the requirements of the pilots themselves. Likewise, the training is also taking on new dimensions: training is becoming increasingly independent, flexible, mobile, and digital.

That is why we launched European Flight Academy. The brand that unites all flight schools of the Lufthansa Group under one roof. With innovative training concepts and interdisciplinary offerings, we want to combine our strengths in order to play a major role in further developing the occupational profile of the pilot in the future – and to offer our flight students the best prospects for a career as a pilot at one of our airlines.

European Flight Academy in facts and figures:
  • The Lufthansa Group flight school
  • Since 2017, it has combined all Group flight schools under one roof
  • Seven flight school locations in Switzerland, Germany, and the United States
  • Trainers and instructors with years of experience as airline pilots
  • Training according to the high quality standards of the Lufthansa Group
  • Training concept leads to the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)
  • Training fleet with over 50 modern aircraft
  • Access to the full flight simulator fleet of Lufthansa Aviation Training

Major Names. The Best Prospects.

The Airlines.

After successfully completing your training, you will have almost achieved your main goal: your career in the cockpit of an airline is about to begin. Your qualifications are optimal – because you received training that meets the high standards of the Lufthansa Group and enjoys an international reputation.

Beyond the airlines of the Lufthansa Group, European Flight Academy has a large network with numerous additional renowned European airlines. These include, e.g. Aegean Airlines, Condor, Germania, Transavia, and WOW air. Through our intensive and continual cooperation, we know the needs and requirements of the airlines to a T and can impart these to our graduates in a targeted manner.

The Lufthansa Group airlines.

A global route network with 271 destinations in 107 countries. Modern fleets, currently with around 700 aircraft. Highest demands on quality, safety, and reliability.

Currently, we are training pilots to fill positions for the following airlines:

Air Dolomiti Austrian Airlines Brussels Airlines Edelweiss Eurowings SWISS
If any changes occur, we will inform you on this website.

The World Becomes Your Home.

Our Locations.

We offer you ideal training conditions at a total of seven locations in Germany, Switzerland, and the United States. No matter which location you train at, your training will be at a consistently high level of quality.

  • Germany
    • Berlin
    • Bremen
    • Frankfurt am Main
    • Rostock-Laage
  • Switzerland
    • Grenchen
    • Zurich
  • USA
    • Phoenix, AZ
    • Vero Beach, FL

Our locations:


The flight school of Lufthansa Aviation Training Germany, located in Bremen, is one of the world’s longest-standing training centers for airline pilots.


The theoretical training portion of the pilot training and the MCC (Multi-Crew Cooperation) take place at the Lufthansa Aviation Training Center at Frankfurt Airport – one of the world’s most important airports. Our simulator fleet is available for the MCC at our location in Berlin.

The training devices:
A total of over 30 full flight simulators for Boeing, Airbus, and Bombadier aircraft types are located in Frankfurt and Berlin.


Grenchen airport, located at the foot of the Jura Mountains in the canton of Solothurn, is our Swiss location for visual and instrument flight training.

The fleet:
5 × Diamond DA40
3 × Diamond DA42


In Goodyear, just a 30-minute drive from Phoenix, Arizona, flight students complete one part of their practical training – with guaranteed sunshine.

The fleet:
24 × Beechcraft F33A
1 × Beechcraft F33C
6 × Grob G120


At our flight base on the Baltic Sea, located directly at Rostock airport, flight students complete their instrument training.

The fleet:
3 × Diamond DA20
5 × Diamond DA40
3 × Piper PA-44 Seminole
1 × FNPT 2 (Flight Navigation Procedure Trainer)

Vero Beach

Visual flight rules (VFR) training takes place at Vero Beach, Florida, where it is almost always sunny. Our flight school is located on the grounds of the municipal airport.

The fleet:
55 × Piper Warrior/Cadet PA-28
10 × Piper Seminole PA-44
1 × Piper PA-28R Arrow


Theoretical training and simulator training take place at our training center at Zurich Airport, the largest airport in Switzerland.

The training devices:
3 × DA42 FNPT (Flight Navigation Procedure Trainer)
1 × Beechcraft 200 FNPT

Do You Meet the Airline’s Requirements?

Your Qualification.

The requirements for airline pilots are high. In order to be able to begin your training, you will need to possess specific personal qualities as well as successfully go through European Flight Academy’s selection procedure in advance.

Training Course Requirements.
  • For the training path Lufthansa Group: fluency in German and English
  • For the training path European Airlines: fluency in English
  • At least 18 years of age at the start of the training course
  • University entry level, subject-linked or general university entrance certificate
  • First-class medical certificate (incl. FAA third-class medical certificate and a drug test)
  • Permanent residency with an unlimited work permit within the EU (including Switzerland)
  • Pronounced sense of self-responsibility, excellent social skills, and professional motivation
  • Impeccable reliability test

For training in Switzerland or Austria, the requirements are currently still slightly different. More information can be found here:

Selection process:

To participate in the Lufthansa Group training program, you will need to pass two eligibility tests that can be taken in Switzerland or Germany (Austria is currently in planning). In principle, the same standards apply for all applicants – regardless of which training program you are pursuing.

  • Your basic suitability for a profession as a pilot will be tested in a basic occupational test. Sound knowledge in the areas of mathematics, physics, and English is essential. For example, your technical understanding of the functions of simple systems, your logical thinking, your perceptual speed, and your ability to handle multiple stresses in complex situations will be tested. Examinations on your three-dimensional orientation abilities and your ability to concentrate are also part of the examination.

  • After you have successfully gone through the basic professional examination, you will then primarily need to demonstrate your social abilities as part of the Lufthansa Group qualification. Your ability to work as part of a team in dynamic situations and your behavior in group and individual situations will be tested. Your cooperative behavior, coordination and control capabilities, self-reflection, resilience, reliability, and your motivation will also be tested. One part of the testing will be carried out in a simulator.

An Investment in Your Future.


No question: training to become a pilot is a major investment. An investment in your personal future – which we want to make as easy as possible for you with individual solutions. The options differ from country to country.

More information:

We would be happy to inform you about the current costs for different training paths and, in particular, also provide you with detailed information regarding financing in Switzerland during our info events and trade show presentations – and soon, on this website as well.

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